7 Kashmiri students picked up by NIA from Jamia Arabia Banda

7 Kashmiri students picked up by NIA from Jamia Arabia Banda
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Lucknow: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has reportedly picked up 7 Kashmiri students from Jamia Arabia Madrasa in Banda district of Bundelkhand region. The NIA team had interrogated the management of the madrasa last month. The students have been arrested on suspected links with terrorists.

According to Maulana Mufti Najeeb Ahmed, younger brother of Madrasa coordinator Habib Ahmad, two NIA officials arrived in the madrasa on Wednesday afternoon and conducted a prolonged closed-door interrogation of seven Kashmiri students who were studying Arabic in the institution. The team sought specific information about an ex-student Tauseef Ahmed who had also learnt Arabic from the same madrasa. He left the institution 3 months ago. Now NIA has arrested these 7 students. However, there has been no official confirmation by NIA so far.

Jamia Arabia is located at Hatora village 16 kms away from Banda. The famous madrasa was established in 1933.

The madrasa aalims and maulvis said that the students picked up by the NIA were very bright students of our institution. They were completely focused on their curriculum and they could never get the air of any of the links with any outfits.