Among Indian citizens, working professionals in Mumbai are more stressed

Among Indian citizens, working professionals in Mumbai are more stressed
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New Delhi: A study conducted by Lybrate, an online doctor consulation platform, revealed that among Indian citizens, 31 percent working professionals in Mumbai suffer from stress.

As per the study, nearly 60 percent working professionals in Tier 1 cities suffer from stress. This includes Delhi (27 percent), Bengaluru (14 percent), Hyderabad (11 percent), Chennai (10 percent) and Kolkata (7 percent).

Their stress mostly stems from work-related issues like tight deadlines, missing targets, coping with pressure, office politics, long working hours, indifferent and unsupportive managers and work-life balance.

“People feel uncomfortable talking about stress with family members and friends. But it is important to bottle out any sort of frustration or stifling emotions in a healthy way,” Saurabh Arora, Founder and CEO, Lybrate, said in a statement on Tuesday.

“It is very important to recognise what is bothering you and causing you stress, so as to deal with it effectively. Unattended stressful feelings or emotions can lead to major health problems in the long run,” Arora added.

Moreover, the study found that the amount of stress varies among people working in different departments. For instance, working professionals from Sales and Marketing background (24 percent) are more stressed as against those in professions such as Media and Public Relations (22 percent), BPOs (17 percent), Travel and Tourism (9 percent) and Advertising and Event Management (8 percent).

For the study, the Lybrate team analysed over one lakh interactions of working professionals with doctors that happened on the platform over a period of 12 months, starting October 10, 2016.