AP CM met Mitsubishi corporation officials

AP CM met Mitsubishi corporation officials
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The Chief Minister met with officials from Mitsubishi Corporation India Limited to discuss the progress of the Energy Storage System Project and their interest to invest in other sectors in Andhra Pradesh.

They reported that Mitsubishi Corp. and AES (USA) jointly installed the latest energy storage system in Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) for stable power distribution.


The Chief Minister said that storage is an important requirement for the state. “We are investing in thermal, hydel, gas and solar power, but storage can decrease the cost and increase the capacity of power in the state”, he said.


“The current transmission loss of power is 9.7 per cent, but with the right infrastructure of energy storage, we can reduce it to 2-3 per cent”, he added.


In agriculture, they were interested in setting up a network for the supply of genuine pesticides and machinery for lease to SHGs and FPO.


Solomon Arokia Raj, Secretary to Government (Industries & Commerce) and Hitoshi Kono, EVP & Deputy Managing Director of Isuzu were also present at the meeting.(nss)