Assembly passes Pvt Varsities Bill; Kadiam rejects BJP criticism

Assembly passes Pvt Varsities Bill; Kadiam rejects BJP criticism
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Deputy Chief Minister K Srihari today slammed BJP Members Dr K Lakshman and G Kishan Reddy for their comments against Private Universities Bill.

Kadiam Srihari, who holds Education portfolio, took serious exception to the BJP leaders for failing to understand the necessity of the private universities in Telangana without hampering the interests of the State varsities. “Indeed Telangana is the fastest growing State in the country with a focus on welfare, education, health and others. Several States have permitted the private varsities and Telangana will do so as it will provide more options for our students”, he remarked.

The BJP-ruled States like Gujarat set up 31 private varsities, Madhya Pradesh 24 and Rajastan 46 in just 10 to 15 years, he pointed out. However, the State BJP leaders are unaware of it and were making a hue and cry on the private varsities bill, he charged. “They should stop mud-slinging on the government for political mileage. It is better if they have a broad mind instead of confining themselves to GHMC limits”, Srihari suggested.

The Assembly, after a debate and followed by a brawl between the ruling party and the BJP, passed the private varsities bill. Srihari explained that the private varsities would cater to the needs of the students in Telangana. He also clarified that the State government was not indulging in any sort of retaliation against the Osmania University or its students. There was no question of such things on the part of the government and the BJP leaders should desist from making such baseless charges, he said.
The Deputy Chief Minister also slammed the BJP leadership for lack of knowledge that the whole country has some policy and the States have different policies and Hyderabad has the other with regard to varsities in private sector. Srihari maintained that the government was determined to encourage the private varsities to come up with different courses and ensure that the students pursue them in a cordial atmosphere. The TRS Government was not intending to cause any problem to the State universities and its students. The Opposition should stop creating ruckus in the House without knowing the veracity of the bill, he added. (NSS)