Attempts to spread hatred by celebrating “Liberation Day”: Intellectuals’ press conference

Attempts to spread hatred by celebrating “Liberation Day”: Intellectuals’ press conference
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Hyderabad: BJP is making an attempt to spread hatred by planning to celebrate 17th September as a “Liberation Day”. This was expressed by Capt. L. Pandu Ranga Reddy in a press conference held on Thursday. He informed that right from the merger of Hyderabad State into the Indian Union till 1950, the Nizam of Hyderabad was the ruler and he used to issue farmans. If there had been a resistance of Hyderabad against the Indian Union for the merger, Govt. of India would not have appointed the Nizam of Hyderabad as Raj Pramukh which he continued till 1956.

In such a situation, the plan to celebrate on 17th September as the “Liberation Day” is nothing but playing with the sentiments of the people of Hyderabad.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. K. Chiranjeevi told that from 13th to 18th September 1948 was a very sorrowful period. The Indian Union violated the pact which was administrated between the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Central Govt. The government of India launched “Police Action” against Hyderabad despite the consent given by the Nizam for joining the India Union. He further highlighted that according to the report submitted by Pandit Sundarlal Commission, more than 50000 Muslims were killed and their properties were looted but the reality is quite different. In fact, more than 2 lakh Muslims were killed in “Police Action”.

He further told that the motive of BJP is to gain political mileage by celebrating 17th September as “Liberation Day”. It is nothing but spreading hatred and misleading the people of Telangana. There is a need for us to work against it. We should form a committee and visits the districts of Telangana to create awareness among the people.

Mr. Ziauddin Naiyyar of Tamer-e-Millat told that a public meeting is being organized on 17th September at Urdu Maskan, Khilwat to make people aware of the fact about police action.

Mr. Khaja Asif Ahmed Engineer felt the need to review the genocide meted out to the Muslims during “Police Action”. Instead of doing this, certain elements are planning to celebrate “Liberation Day” which only promotes inhuman thinking. He advised the people of Telangana to celebrate “The Day of Grief” on 17th September.

–Siasat News