Ban on marriage celebrations after midnight: Govt. officials express their opinions

Ban on marriage celebrations after midnight: Govt. officials express their opinions

Hyderabad: After the decision taken by Muslim clerics and chairman of Wakf Board, Mr. Mohammed Saleem rumours are making rounds whether the government can impose any such restriction to interfere religious processions like marriage, “Baraat”?

CEO of Wakf Board, Mr. Mannan Farooqui is preparing the proceedings of the said meeting to be sent to Govt.

Secretary, Dept. of Minorities Welfare would be requested to ensure issuance of guidelines so that police could strictly implement the ban for not continuing any marriage activities after midnight.

Commissioner of Hyderabad City Police made it clear that police has no right to stop such processions unless they create any law and order problem. He also said that police cannot implement any such ban unless Govt. issues guidelines in this regard. The duty of the police is to control law and order situation and hence it cannot interfere in private functions like marriages.

Meanwhile, the officials of Home and Minorities Dept. opine that government cannot impose a ban on marriage processions of a specific community. There is no provision in law for such bans. Police has the authority to take necessary action if noise pollution is created and weapons are carried.

It may be noted that no information was communicated to CMO about the meeting convened by Wakf Board. Such meetings are normally convened by Government Departments. If any ban is imposed, Muslims could be irritated with the TRS Govt.

Muslim organizations can organize campaigns to create awareness to avoid such situations. The proposal to finish “Nikah” proceedings by Qazis before 9 p.m. is also not practicable.

In many cases, “Baraat” procession of the groom does not reach the marriage hall before 9 p.m. In such a case, if another Qazi or person accepts to perform Nikah proceedings, this would create conflict between Qazis.

Taking into consideration all such complications, it is not possible for the government to impose any ban to finish marriage activities before midnight.

Instead of imposing the ban, the government should encourage awareness campaigns to avoid late marriage functions.

–Siasat News

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