Beware of cyber thieves, police advisory

Beware of cyber thieves, police advisory
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Hyderabad: Fraudsters are having an eye on the consumers who transact business online. Cyber Crime Cell of Hyderabad City Police posted an advisory which has become viral throughout the country in which it has been said that SIM Card can cause problems to the mobile phone users.

The fraudsters have developed a new technique of cheating people which has also worrying Hyderabad City Police.

Giving the modus operandi of the fraudsters, it has been said in the message that the thieves will present themselves as the representatives of the SIM card company. They would send a message and will ask the user to press a certain number. As soon as the user follows their instructions, they would again say to reset the phone. After reopening the phone, they would advise the customer to act up on the message which they had sent. As soon as, the customer acts upon their advice, phone would be shut off. The next day, the customer would know that amounts have been withdrawn from his bank account.

The police advised the citizens not to fall prey to such frauds. It has been observed that the fraudsters target mainly the household women.

It has been advised not to pay heed to the messages of unknown persons. No bank manager or any bank employee makes an attempt to find out the OTP and the details of ATM cards.

Such racket network is being operated in Delhi and other cities.

–Siasat News

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