Bring fuel charges under GST: CPI

All-parties’ leaders today alleged that the successive governments were neglecting development of the Old City since 1947 till date. They threatened to intensify their movement in phases and lay a siege to Pragathi Bhavan if the present government failed to launch Metro Rail works in Old City. The all-parties’ leaders — Chada Venkat Reddy (CPI), Baddam Bal Reddy (BJP), Cherupally Seetharamulu (CPM), Rashid Sharif (TRS) have organized Maha Padayatra from Meer Chowk to Shalibanda under the aegis of Old City Metro Rail JAC (OCMRJAC). OCMRJAC leaders — ET Narasimha (CPI), Aley Bhasker (BJP), G Niranjan (Congress) along with thousands of people started Maha Padayatra from Meer Chowk and it reached Ethey Bar Chowk. The police stopped the Maha Padayatra there and arrested them. Several activists received injuries in the jostling during the police arrest. (Photo: Zabi)

CPI Telangana Secretary Chada Venkat Reddy today slammed the BJP Government at the Centre for increasing fuel charges across the country. The Centre should bring fuel under GST regime and slash the burden on the people he demanded. He also urged the Centre to revoke the fuel charges immediately and reduce taxes.

Venkat Reddy expressed surprise as to why the oil companies are increasing deliberately the fuel prices when crude oil price in international market is pegged at 72 dollars now against 92 dollars during 2012. In a statement here he accused the Modi Government of giving free hand to oil companies to hike in fuel prices. This is an unbearable burden on the lives of the poor and common man he said. Modi who chided the UPA Government in 2012 on fuel charges hike has miserably failed to bring the escalating prices down he fumed. While petrol is put at Rs 81and diesel Rs 74 per liter the people cannot bear the burden the CPI leader said. The Modi government is helping the corporate companies, businessmen and burdening the common man with such anti- development steps, he felt. (NSS)

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