Bringing Maha as investment destination: CM Fadnavis

Bringing Maha as investment destination: CM Fadnavis
Photo: ANI

Davos : Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday said that the government was portraying the state as a major investment destination through investment summits.

The Chief Minister acknowledged that Mumbai saw a huge growth during the last few years and referred to the city as the country’s growth engine.

Fadnavis, after unveiling ‘Magnetic Maharashtra’ summit here, told ANI, “As the financial capital of the country, Mumbai has seen a huge growth during the last few years. We are conducting lots of investment summits recently. Through these kind of summits, we’re bringing forward Maharashtra as an investment destination.”

Chief Minister Fadnavis also unveiled a new Fintech policy, which he said would lead to the creation of new jobs and investments in Maharashtra. He added that the state was focusing on working in new areas with the help of smart development.

“We’re trying to work in new areas because time is changing. The new Fintech policy would help in the creation of new jobs as well as bringing new investments in the state. We are also focusing on Industries 4.0. It’ll change businesses completely,” said Fadnavis.

On being asked about rains that flood Mumbai every year, the chief minister said that a solution had been worked out and the municipal corporations started installing water pumping stations in the city.

“Torrential rains and high tides led to flooding in the city. Through the municipal corporation, we have started installing water pumping stations. I am hopeful that the problem will be rectified within two years,” Fadnavis added. (ANI)

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