Celebratory gunfire in Gaziabad temple: Saffron outfits warn police against taking action

Celebratory gunfire in Gaziabad temple: Saffron outfits warn police against taking action
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Ghaziabad: On Tuesday, a number of saffron outfits gathered against police for filing FIR against those involved in celebratory gunfire which took place at the Dasna Devi temple in Ghaziabad.

It may be mentioned that the priests and devotees in Ghaziabad’s Devi temple brandished weapons and fired shots in the air as a part of Vijayadashami celebrations, on Saturday.

The temple situated in Dasna saw priests as well as followers -both men and women- open fire inside the temple premises.

However, no one was injured in the affair.

According to the news published in Hindustan Times, HN Singh, SSP took action after a video went viral on social media. He ordered Masuri police to register FIR.

Alleging that it is an attempt of police to curtail rights of devotees, on Tuesday many activists of saffron outfits gathered to support temple’s mahant, Yati Narsimhanand.

Speaking on this, Shashi Chauhan, woman councillor said that they have been performing rituals and firing arms on this occasion for many years. In order to check whether the arms are in working condition or not, we opened fire inside the complex, Shashi Chauhan added.

State Vice President of Shiv Sena, Mahesh Ahuja said that due to the absence of shooting gallery, firing is done in the air to check the weapons. He also threatened to protest if an arrest is made.

President of one of the Saffron outfit, Pinki Chaudhary said, “The FIR and any action on it will not be tolerated”.

Giving the details of the celebratory firing, Mahant Yati Narsimhanand said that for the past three years, he had been uploading the video of ‘Shastra Puja’ and the firing activity on the social media. He also said that lodging a FIR hurts their sentiments. He further threatened to launch a major protest if police arrests anyone in this case.

Meanwhile, Police circle officer, Raj Kumar Pandey said that they are checking the video which went viral on the social media. He further assured that arrests will be made in this case after persons involved in the incident are identified.