Center turns down the hopes of TRS Govt. over 12% reservations

Center turns down the hopes of TRS Govt. over 12% reservations

Hyderabad: Did the Central Govt. wipe out the hopes of TS Govt. about giving reservations to Muslims and Tribals?

Govt. of India stopped Kapu Reservation Bill of AP from sending it to President. In the same manner, the Center had sought clarifications from TS Govt. on the reservations pertaining to Muslims and Tribals.

Reliable sources indicated that Dept. of Personnel and Training made some objections on these bills and opposed sending them to President.

It is understood that this step has been adopted taking into consideration the ceiling of 50% reservations observed by Supreme Court.

It may be mentioned that Congress Govt. of AP led by Dr. YSR had provided 4% reservations to Muslims but Mr. KCR recommended 12% reservations to Muslims and 10% to STs and sent the resolutions passed by the legislature to Central Govt. in order to fulfill his election promise.

TRS Govt. contended that the population of Muslims and Tribals has increased and reservations have been suggested not on the basis of religion but on the basis of the social and economic status of these committees.

It may be noted that after the bifurcation of AP, the population of Muslims in TS has been recorded as 12.68% and that of Tribals 9.08%.

Central Govt. argued that in case reservations are increased, it would amount to a violation of the limit suggested by Supreme Court.

It may be recalled that Mr. KCR had announced more than once that if reservations are not accepted by Central Govt., he would not hesitate to approach Supreme Court. He had also claimed that PM Modi is in favour of reservations.

Now that Center has sent back the proposals of TRS Govt. seeking some clarifications, it remains to be seen whether Govt. of Telangana would approach Supreme Court or not.

Muslims demand that TRS Govt. should expose the stand taken by Central Govt. and also to announce its future strategy.


–Siasat News