Chetan Bhagat tweets ‘he is joining Congress Party’

Chetan Bhagat tweets ‘he is joining Congress Party’

New Delhi: India’s famous renowned Author Chetan Bhagat recently took to Twitter to inform the world about his plans on joining Congress Party.

He tweeted that he would support the grand old party in the upcoming Karnataka Assembly Elections and that he needs the blessings of his followers “in what is a big move” for Chetan.

“Couldn’t take it anymore. The country needs to be fixed. Joining Congress. Will be supporting their Karnataka campaign. With RG, let’s make a better India. Need your blessings in what is a big move for me,” tweeted the 43-year-old author on Sunday.

And here it started, this tweet of Chetan was not received warmly by Twitteratis sending some of them in shock while some exploded their anger, their expectations, their high support for Hindutva parties lurking in India all on Twitter.

Well, guys don’t whine about your famous author joining the wrong party, it was just a simple ‘prank’ pulled off by Chetan on ‘April Fool’s’ Day. Here’s how Twitteratis reacted to the prank:

Some also expressing their hatred to him for the move:

And this Tweet took us all laughing were the account handler is challenging to join a Terrorist group if the Author is serious about his plans

But here is the one who is confident about Chetan’s big move, he tweeted:

For all those people gravely disappointed in your author, those people who have indirectly indicated their support to ‘the’ party, we wish not to speak about, it was a simple prank Chetan Bhagat played for Aril Fool’s Day that got escalated like a wildfire in the forest.