Chhattisgarh beneficiaries interaction with PM was ‘precisely- choreographed’

Chhattisgarh beneficiaries interaction with PM was ‘precisely- choreographed’

New Delhi: A recent live video of PM Modiji’s interaction with Chhattisgarh farmers beneficiaries in a conference room is claimed to be precisely made to mislead people into thinking these farmers are in a good state ever since the NDA government came into power.

In the video where the paddy farmer woman identified as Manju Devi who has interacted with Modiji can be heard saying her income has doubled and her family’s financial condition has also improved a lot.

Manju Devi was talking about her income from growing custard apple which she claimed had doubled after the NDA government had helped them.

But ABP news channel led-research into the claims made by the woman farmer and other farmer beneficiaries that were all praises about the NDA government reveals these farmers were precisely selected for their national television performance and in fact, were also given the training to speak only those lines that were instructed to them by the party officials.

These farmers were indeed selected and well trained to deliver the instructions on National TV confirmed Baharatpur’s Deputy Director.

And not just once but these farmers were precisely trained multiple times before they get to meet PM Modiji.

Hear for yourselves what these farmers had to say about the interaction with the PM.

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