Cyber Crimes on rise—Beware of friendship messages

Cyber Crimes on rise—Beware of friendship messages
TheDigitalArtist / Pixabay

Hyderabad: ‘I know you want to say something to me. Don’t feel shy and share your feelings with me. Call me on 54000318’, says a message on the mobile. Another SMS says: ‘Get this lovely present of friendship and enjoy having fun with like-minded buddies. Call…”.

Yet another message says: New friends need a lot in the new city. Will you be my friend? Dail 5630035 and non-stop talk. Yet another message says: ‘Enjoy chats with lovely friends. Call..”

Cyber crimes are on the increase now-a-days and people are falling a prey to the dirty tricks of some unscrupulous elements, who are seeking friendship, only with the aim of cheating you. After befriending and creating confidence in one way or the other, the cheats would take your details and dupe you by many ways. Beware of such messages and phone calls. Don’t share your Bank account, credit/debit card details with anyone.

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