Demonetisation: A magic trick to convert Black money into white

Demonetisation: A magic trick to convert Black money into white
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Gujarat: Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, on Saturday lashed at PM Modi that Demonetisation was a magical trick to convert Black money into white. At a meeting with “Adivasi Adhikar Sabha” (Meeting for tribals rights) he said that only poor and common people stood in long queues in front of banks, and the rich got their lakhs and crores of money exchanged through back door.

He said that “It is because all the suited-booted guys entered the banks from the back door, sat in air-conditioned rooms and got their lakhs and crores exchanged. All the thieves thus got their black money converted into white through magic.”

Rahul Gandhi also attacked Modi for not fulfilling the promises he made to tribal people. On one side huge acres of tribal land is being diverted to commercial purposes in the name of national growth, that too only to a few selected industrialists, on the other hand tribals feel alienated in the development process without any rehabilitation and compensation.

UPA government has allocated Rs 35000 crores to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme that provided livelihood to millions in the country, “And here, Modiji gave this much amount to just one industrialist in one single state. Be it land, be it electricity or be it Narmada’s water, everything is being given to just 5-10 select people,” he said.