Dominic Cooper : I loved doing the stunts in ‘Stratton’

Dominic Cooper : I loved doing the stunts in ‘Stratton’
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London: Actor Dominic Cooper said he loved getting to do his own stunts in action movie ‘Stratton’. The 39-year-old actor stars as Special Boat Service officer John Stratton in ‘Stratton’, which is based on a series of books by former SBS officer Duncan Falconer, and he rejected having a body double to take part in the action scenes himself.

He also said that though he almost had an accident, he enjoyed the adrenaline rush they brought. “I loved doing the stunts. If you trust the stunt team and you invest in the stunts and believe they are believable. These were all very specific and well researched. Leaping from driving car into a bus – nearly went wrong – but was good.”

“It gives you the adrenaline to move onto the new scene. I was very privileged to be playing people who are looking out for the country,” he said. Cooper is now looking ahead to the upcoming ‘Mamma Mia!’ sequel, and is delighted all the original cast will be returning.