Don’t thank me, you are like my daughters: Gautam Gambhir to Zohra

Don’t thank me, you are like my daughters: Gautam Gambhir to Zohra

Srinagar: Gautam Gambhir‘s decision to fund the education of five-year-old Zohra, who emerged as the anguished face of terror in Jammu and Kashmir after her policeman father was killed by militants last month, drew immense applause from all over the country.

Thanking Gambhir for his gesture, the five-year old said that she and her family are extremely happy and then revealed her intentions of becoming a doctor.

‘Thank you Gautam Sir. Me and my family are very happy with your gesture. I want to study and become a doctor,’ Zohra told the reporters.

In reply to the girl, Gambhir said that she doesn’t need to thank him as she is just like his daughters Aazeen and Anaiza.

“Zohra beta, don’t thank me, you are like my daughters Aazeen & Anaiza. Heard you want to become a doctor. Just spread your wings and chase your dreams.We are there”, tweeted Gambhir.

His manager Dinesh Chopra said the Gautam Gambhir Foundation (GGF) would support all her academic endeavours, including higher education.

“Gautam will be supporting Zohra’s education for lifetime starting now,” Chopra told PTI.

Asked whether Gambhir plans to meet the little girl, Chopra said, “This is not a photo opportunity for Gautam. This is a chance to help someone build her future and also pray to God that no child has to face this kind of a tragedy.”

Director General of Jammu and Kashmir Police S P Vaid welcomed the announcement of the cricketer and said the tragedy had moved people to finally come out to help.