Dr. Indu Choudhary exposes the real oppressors of Dalits

Dr. Indu Choudhary exposes the real oppressors of Dalits
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The Hindutva forces are constantly harping about the assimilation of Dalits to build a larger Hindutva force and projecting Muslims as the real enemy of Dalits. But, when we speak in a greater historical context and the current political dispensation, it is clear that Muslims and Dalits are on same platform in terms of oppression and exploitation they face, poor socio-economic conditions and marginal political representation.

The views expressed by Dr. Indu Choudhary who is an Assistant Professor of English in Banaras Hindu University (BHU) & the General Secretary, SC/ST Employees Welfare Association. She is a dynamic youth committed for rejuvenating the mission of Baba Saheb Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar and Manyavar Kanshi Ram Saheb.

Historical facts !Well Explained !

Posted by Spirit of Secular Telangana -News and Analysis Channel on Monday, December 18, 2017

The RSS talks about ‘Samarasta’ for assimilating Dalits and promoting equality but in reality they (Hindutva camp) want Varna system to remain and also different types of inequalities and hierarchies that promote these discriminatory practices.

Fatima Shaikh, the first Muslim teacher who laid the foundations of Dalit-Muslim unity

Social equality is always opposed by Hindutva forces. They say that when two brothers cannot be the same, how can there be equality in society at large?

In the guise of ‘Samarasta’, the Hindutva forces are trying to woo Dalits and Adivasi’s and trying to win their trust by sitting and having meals with them or by establishing religious centres for them.

These Hindutva forces also say that, it was during the Muslim rule that Dalit exploitation started and caste system became more rigid. But they forgot that caste system has its origins in the Varna Vyavastha which came into existence in the Ancient period which is regarded as the Hindu rule period.

Also, the Dalit icon and Architect of the Indian Constitution Dr. B.R. Ambedkar burnt the Manusmriti, a text dearest to the Hindutva forces. On 25 December 1927, Ambedkar led thousands of his followers to burn the copies of Manusmriti. Thus, annually, December 25 is celebrated as Manusmriti Daha Din (Manusmriti Burning Day) by Ambedkarites and Dalits.

RSS says that “All Hindus are brothers”, but when it comes to reservations for the weaker sections, mostly Dalits, its rhetoric changes.

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