EC warns of ‘fake’ letter on EVMs

EC warns of ‘fake’ letter on EVMs
Photo: ANI

New Delhi: The Election Commission has clarified that a letter, which is doing the rounds, regarding the misuse of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), is not issued by the poll body and is fake.

The Commission has also given the direction for filing an FIR, wherever this fake letter is received.

The letter which has been surfaced on media, speaks about the misuse of the EVM machine.

“If there is a problem with the EVM Machine, then under the confidential police enquiry, you should investigate scam of the EVM machine,” the letter read.

“You should send us an effective report of the EVM machine scam within 30 days anyhow, because of which voting on ballot Paper should be done. Voting on the ballot paper is against the trust or not, make your reliable-opinion also,” it further read.

The Opposition has time and again raised the issue of EVM tampering while accusing the ruling-BJP government of misusing the machines and thereby resorting to unfair means to sweep the polls. (ANI)

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