Encroachment on Waqf properties continue in Delhi

Encroachment on Waqf properties continue in Delhi

New Delhi: Encroachment on Waqf properties has become an order of the day in the national capital like other areas of the country. Recently nearly 6000 sqyd Waqf land was occupied at Mata Sundri Road thanks to the negligence of Delhi Waqf Board and the government. Surprisingly the LNDO had only one court order on the basis of which it occupied the Waqf land. The waqf experts who are fighting for the cause say that the court order was issued only because no one appeared from Waqf Board in the court.

Similarly, DDA has occupied Tikona Park graveyard land located at Hazrat Nizamuddin. Waqf expert say there were Dargah and shrines on the land which were razed but no action was taken by Delhi Waqf Board.

Lal Masjid at Nizamuddin also occupied by CRPF. Ways to nearly 11 masajid in Mehrauli have been closed. Land mafia is eying 8 to 10 beegha of Waqf land near Dargah Sultan Ghari in Vasant Gunj.

Delhi Waqf Board is apathetic towards all these encroachments and is taking no action to evict the encroachers of the Waqf land.

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