External Affairs Minister Sushma was hopeful of Indian men taken hostages in Iraq says MP

External Affairs Minister Sushma was hopeful of Indian men taken hostages in Iraq says MP

New Delhi: The recent death of 39 Indian workers slain by IS in Iraq came as a shocker to Indian Government with MP’s urging the Indian Government to increase it Diplomats in Gulf Countries
looking at Pakistan’s increasing influence within the security of these Gulf Countries.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj while addressing the Consultative Committee on External Affairs, that met on Thursday defended her statements on the slain 39 Indian workers in Iraq.

Speaking about Sushma’s intentions, one member clarified saying “The Minister read out a very detailed answer to defend her statements on the 39 Indians. Ms. Swaraj said that she never indicated in the past four years since the men were taken hostage, that they were alive but emphasized that she was not in favour of calling them dead without evidence.”

Many MPs who have attended the meeting that lasted for three hours questioned the Indian Government’s relations with Gulf countries where Pakistan’s security experts are growing in Bahrain, UAE, which the MPs state, consultants, military experts from Pakistan have found acceptance in these Arab Countries.

“We raised the issue of growing Pakistani presence within the bureaucracy and the police structure of Bahrain and the UAE, and asked the government to come up with a solid plan to counter such moves by Pakistan,” said another member.

Adding that, “We also raised the issue of the tiny number of Indian diplomats who serve full time on behalf of India,” said the member.

While Indian PM Modi has repeatedly visited Arab countries, now the Indian Government should consider growing its Indian Diplomats in these countries, Hindu reports.

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