Fact check: Story of a cooked up Islam from Haryana

Fact check: Story of a cooked up Islam from Haryana
Image Courtesy: Muslim Mirror

By Prof. Dr.Bahauddeen Muhamemd Nadwi for Muslim Mirror

The ideal verses of the whole scriptures always recommend us to hold firmly to the principles of integrity and morality toward others. Here the recent controversial incident exposes that to what extent they are committed to these principles. The public address made by a woman before a couple of week in a temple in Haryana was the motive behind triggering a considerable controversy among Muslim circles. She made a stinging satire against the conventions and customs that the Muslim society had preserved and glorified over the centuries. However, all the remarks she made are absolutely blatant lies.

The major allegation she claimed was that Muslims do worship to only one god and deny the rest of pagan idols, they daily practice the terms of oneness for five times to secure their bigotry and to sow the seeds of hatred against Hindus and to kill them brutally. Besides, she comes up with strange views that most of the Islamic institutions consisting of 3 lakh Madrasa and 2 lacks Masjid persuade the Muslims to resort to violence and injustice. She urges that non-Muslims are denied the access to Hajj rituals, the God Allah is not merciful and Muslims are inhumane as their intention is to execute the barbaric laws of God by annihilating each and every Hindus from the world. These were the major criticism she urged against Islam and Muslims.

It is obvious fact that Muslims do worship only the one God Almighty Allah. This is very clear from the earlier period of Muslim societies. Regarding others, is this a matter of defect or foul practice? Isn’t this what, not only the Qur’an but also whole scriptures and sacred texts including Bagavath Geetha and Gospel enjoin; that to worship one God, the sole creator of this whole universe. In this juncture, do they have to be arrogant against Muslims on this reference? Can such censure and attacks ever be justified on any ground? Before this also, there were constant attempts to denigrate Muslim society in this case. Here the Qur’anic verse narrating the Muslims becomes relevant. Qur’an says; they ill-treated them for no other reason that they believed in Allah, exalted in power and worthy of all praise (85.8, 9).

Let’s explore to the veracities of her spurious claims. Firstly, her arguments that Muslims do practice in terms of oneness “La Ilaha Illa Allah” for five times only is utterly wrong. There is a lot of pious Muslims who practice it for tens of thousand times mere in one day. Later the allegation she raised against Islamic institution is really unwarranted and full of blatant lies. It is inconceivable to believe that a woman can stoop so low as to state that the sacred customs (Azan and prayer) are mere practices to eliminate non-Muslims from the world. Had it been so as she urged, the whole prophet came here would have failed in their invitation to Islam, because there was a lot of non- believers in their period.

For long decades, India had been under the Muslim rulers. Yet, the Muslims are still a minority here in our country. Had it been so as she urged, our country would have been devoid of Hindus. It is a naked-truth that the non-believers are still secured in Arab-Muslim countries as they were in Muslim India in those periods. Even the followers and relatives of this woman still live there under the protection of the Muslim association.

The lessons of this tolerance and compassion are what the holy verses of the Quran teach us for the continuous fourteen centuries. Dear sister, once again try to read and fathom the meaning of the 6th verse in chapter Thowba. Certainly, one would wonder by realizing the worth and importance that Islam concedes to the principles of humanity. Qur’an says;

“If one amongst the pagans asks thee for asylum, grant it to him, so that he may hear the word of Allah; and then escort him to where he can be secure. That is because they are men without knowledge”.

Here, the God Allah do require from us not only to provide the asylum but also to escort those unbelievers to a safe place. Muslims have always entrusted this grave responsibility at all time. Yet the Muslims are still being regarded as the enemies of non-Muslims.

Today, Islamic presence dominates in both Arab-Gulf and Arab-Muslim countries. Moreover, the major traditional and fundamental Islamic customs (Azan and prayer) are being practiced duly and very systematically in those countries. Yet, non-believers are still living there very safely for four decades. So it’s very clear that until this, their non-believers have been killed by the pious Muslims who practice the five daily prayers very properly and subject to the God with a sense of modesty.

It is very exciting to hear her remarks in which she warns her people that the Muslims are holding their sword vigilantly over their heads. But when we take into account the numerous rape-killings and barbaric mob-lynching executed on the pretext of cow-vigilantism in the various parts of our country, it would definitely expose us who are the real assailant in our nation.

The order to obey Allah doesn’t mean to disobey others. And this sister may know it very well. The Quranic verse, “Ohye, who believe, obey Allah and the messenger and those people who charged with authority among you” (4.59) tells us the basic principles that Muslim society should accept. How meaningful is this verse? That is why the whole Muslims agree and respect non-Muslim rulers, teachers, political leaders, and etc. This is what the God has required from us. Otherwise, the opposing stance may trigger the social disorders in our countries. Moreover, God never likes such a situation to happen in this world. This is very clear in Qur’anic verses.

This sister urges that the Muslims have only one objective in their lives and that is to execute the will of their God by murdering each and every Hindus in all countries. Does Allah have such a purpose? It is really blatant lie unheard by anyone. If the God was loathing non-believers, He may be able to not create them forever? And if so He created them, could He may destroy them in a flood, or earthquake or in a thunderstorm.

She states that the whole verses of the Qur’an manifest to murder each and every non- believers. These arguments are really illogical and absurd. According to Quranic principles, to murder an individual is not a silly matter as some people do in our country. As for the Muslims, it is considered as a grave offense because Qur’an says “ That if anyone slew a person –unless it is for murder or for spreading mischief in the land, it would be as if he slew the whole people” (5.32). This is the policy that Islam puts forward in the world.

At the same time, today those who hold the scripture and talk always loudly about ethics are in for-front to attack the innocent religious minorities. Sister, doesn’t it need a limit to foster a hate politics agenda and gain political advantages by sticking to the flagrant lies among others.

She recognizes the fasting –one of the fundamental basic practices of Islam- as an act of war practice to annihilate the non-believers. What an utterly absurd! Her allegations are really illogical. Would anyone practice it by starving the whole day? When it comes to the aspects of fasting, it can be understood that Allah has himself prescribed it as compulsory during Ramadan. Therefore, the purpose of fasting can be comprehended from His own explanation. He proclaims that “ O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you that you may attain Taqwa and become righteous or you may learn piety and righteousness”(2.183). Exactly revolt and violence occur here due to the absence of these particular afore-mentioned qualities. In her speech, she adds another lie too that whole battles of the Prophet(PBH) had taken place in Ramadan.

When we take into account the systems of Islamic Madrasa and Masjid, it would be very clear that whole these Madrasa and Masjid still play a major role in the development of our nation. None of the extremist teachings or military practices can ever be found in such an institution. Really it is very familiar to everyone that who are the real culprits and advocators of terrorism. Don’t you remember that the masterminds of the devastating bomb-blast incidents happened in India were some Swamijis? Then how can we put sacred Islamic ideals and its messages in a dock?

The major allegation she made that Allah is not merciful is utterly wrong as well as it emerges from an ignorant viewpoint about the essence of God. In fact, He is the most gracious and most compassionate. This is well manifest in most verses of holy text. As it is the case, does anyone who has the common sense would dare to blame this creator whose endless outpouring of love and mercy are continuously showered upon all, even on non-believers who always tend to disobey him and defame among others.

When comes to the allegation concerning the Hajj, it is one of the fundamental Islamic practices, laid its foundation on the belief of monotheism. Then why do these polytheists who worship one more God and hold the principles of duality, go to perform the Hajj pilgrimage? But it is possible for them only by renouncing their old pagan beliefs and adopting the faith in real one God. There is a lot who did perform Hajj in such way like the famous person Leopold Weiss.

Islam is considered as a comprehensive religion and Qur’an as its constitution. We can also find particular rules there in Qur’an if the war is proclaimed. The so-called scholars tend to defame its public image by distorting this particular rules and misinterpreting all of its aspects. But the policy of Islam concerning the conduct of war is to not kill the women, aged men, children and those who live in temples. That is what the Prophet (PBUH) says “neither kill a child nor a woman, nor an aged man. Bring no harm to trees nor burn them with fire, especially those which are fruitful. Slay not any of enemy’s flock you are likely to pass by people who have devoted their lives to monastic services, leave them alone.”

Through this eventful policy, a lot of lives could be secured. And moreover, the Prophet (PBUH) ordered to that rest of the people also should be secured after the war. This is well-mentioned in chapter Baqara and Anfal. Qurans says “Even with unbelievers we should behave kindly and equitably” (60.8). What a wonderful and unique religion is this! These are all facts and truths. So there are no any other treatments for those narrow-mindsets who try to turn a blind eye to and hide from these realities.

(Prof. Dr.Bahauddeen Muhamemd Nadwi, Vice Chancellor, Darul Huda Islamic University, Kerala. He can be contacted at [email protected] )

Courtesy: Muslim Mirror

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