A Fighter Plane MiG-21 crashed, pilot missing

A Fighter Plane MiG-21 crashed, pilot missing

While coming from Punjab’s Pathankot a fighter jet named MiG 21 of the Indian Air Force crashed in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. After hearing this incident the rescue team was on the way to its rescue.

This shocking incident took place at around 1:30 pm in Patta Jatian village in Jawali, which is 55km from Dharamshala. And as of now the pilot was missing, said the police.

In 2015 the same plane was bought by UY Aviation which is based in Mumbai from the Uttar Pradesh government and the ill-fated trip was the first test flight after repairs. It had been undergoing repairs in the Juhu aerodrome, and officials said that it was in a poor condition when it was brought to Mumbai, where it was being repaired by Indamer Aviation Pvt Ltd.

It’s not yet known if the pilot ejected safely. Two IAF helicopters have landed at the crash site with Air Force personnel who are conducting preliminary investigations.

There have been various incidents in the country where these types of incidents are taking place. This year in another aviation accident, a small aircraft crashed in a crowded Mumbai neighborhood in June, which resulted in killing five people, including four crew members and a pedestrian.



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