Formulate & implement programs for uplift of BCs: CM

Formulate & implement programs for uplift of BCs: CM

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao today instructed officials concerned that without misleading the people and having no inclination towards vote-bank politics, schemes and programs should be formulated and implemented for the genuine welfare and development of the BC communities.

Holding a review meeting at Pragati Bhavan here on Saturday on the programs to be taken up for development of the BC communities, the Chief Minister said nowhere in the country, the programs and schemes like Telangana State were being implemented for the growth and benefit of certain BC communities. Similarly, for other BC communities’ programs should be implemented to get them help based on their hereditary professions. He also wanted for those who have no hereditary professions or if they want to shift from their traditional profession to an alternative employment, help should be extended to.

The CM said for these programs, without having any linkage to the banks, each one should be given a financial assistance from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 Lakh. Special programs should be made communities-wise. He also announced that he would soon have a meeting with people on communities based and will arrive at a clarity on the programs to be formulated for them. He wanted the Most Backward Classes Finance Corporation, which was set up with Rs 1,000 Crore fund should organize special programs for the uplift of these sections.


“BC communities are essentially families from the hereditary professions. The professional work they do is of help to the entire society. Without their services, the society will not be what it is now. It is not possible to have a decent life, if washermen failed to wash the clothes. People look like Beasts if hair dressers stop their profession. The things that made by the basket weavers can be found in every household. We wear the clothes stitched by the tailors. Similarly every hereditary professional be it goldsmith, carpenters, Potterer, everyone is contributing to the well being of the society. They may be getting wages for their work, but the fact remains that the society is dependent upon them. Hence the entire society should stand by them. In this regard, the Telangana State government has taken several measures and will take manymore programmes in future. Sincere attempt should be made to eradicate poverty from the BC communities, who constitute 50 percent of the State’s population. Each BC community has a unique trade and living standards. The programme should have to be planned keeping this in mind they should be different and diverse,” the CM explained.


“For the Gollas and Kurumas, we have taken up Sheep distribution programmes at a cost of Rs 4,000 Crore. This is being successfully implemented. By launching Rs 1000 Crore-worth Fish culture programme, we are supporting the fishermen community.  Special programmes are being implemented for the weavers at a cost of Rs 1200 Crore. We are taking up measures for the welfare and development of the Toddy Tappers. We have made special plans and programmes for Nayi Brahmins, Washermen, potters’ and Panchakarmas. We have set up MBC Corporation for other Nomadic tribes, other BC communities with Rs 1000 Crore funding. Through this Corporation we have aimed to offer financial help to families from the most backward classes. Schemes should be framed for this purpose. Every year about 60 to 70,000 families should be given financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 Lakh,” the CM instructed.


“Among the Goldsmiths, there are Panchakarmas. They live based on their hereditary professions. Give them required financial assistance and tools. Plan schemes for washermen keeping in view their needs in Urban, Town and Rural areas. Give them drying machines, provide Dhobi Ghats and give other assistance. For Nayi Brahmins should set up Modern Saloons. The needs of Nayi Brahmins from Rural and Urban areas differ and hence prepare government schemes accordingly. Give assistance to 25,000 Saloons all over the State. There are many Nomadic Tribes and communities, which are still pursuing their family professions. Some trades have vanished and those in the trade are looking for alternative employment. For them give loans through MBC Corporation without any linkage from the banks. We will allocate funds every year in the Budget. We have set aside Rs 1000 Crore and we will increase in the next year,” the CM said.


The CM has decided to have schemes that will help every family in the BC communities. These schemes will be prepared in the coming days and they should be implemented from the next month, the CM told the officials. The CM has expressed his unhappiness over the past government programmes which did precious little for the lives of the BCs. The CM desired tha the BC schemes in the State should be based on the facts and ground realities and they should usher in real change among the BC for the better.

Ministers Jogu Ramanna,  T Harish Rao, Deputy Speaker Ms Padma Devender Reddy, Government’s Chief Advisor  Rajiv Sharma, Mission Bhagiratha Vice Chairman  Vemula Prashanth Reddy, MBC Corporation Chairman  Taduri Srinivas, Dairy Development Corporation Chairman  Bhoomreddy, BC Welfare Department Secretary  Ashok Kumar, Rajya Sabha member Capt V Laxmikanth Rao, MLC  Karne Prabhakar, CMO Principal Secretary  S Narsing Rao, Secretary Ms Smita Sabharwal, Principal Secretary  Bhoopal Reddy and others participated.  (NSS)