Free Space Optical communications and its working

Free Space Optical communications and its working

Free space optical communication is an optical communication technology. It is also called as Free Space Photonics (FSP). In this technology, the data is transmitted by the propagation of light in free space allowing optical connectivity.

Its working is also similar to optical fiber cable. But, in the FSO, the optical beams are sent though free air instead of glass fiber.

It works on the basis of line of sight technology and can function over distances of several kilometers as long as there is clear line of sight between the source and the destination.
This technology is capable of sending 1.25 gbps of data, voice and video communications through the air.

• Requires Low investment
• Better speed than broadband
• Error rate is very low
• Unlimited number of Free space optical communication links can be installed in a specific area
• Transmission in Free space optical communication is not affected by electromagnetic and radio-magnetic interference.

The only problem is that the network can be shut down by rain, dust, snow, fog, or smog which can block the transmission.

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