Ghana’s gas station explodes in capital city Accra

Ghana’s gas station explodes in capital city Accra
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Photo: ANI

Accra : A gas station in Ghana’s capital Accra has exploded, which forced frightened residents to flee.

The explosion began at a state-owned GOIL liquefied natural gas station and spread to a total petrol station across the street.

At least six fire trucks and more than 200 police personnel were deployed to help to cordon off the area of the blasts. Ambulances also arrived and those with various injuries were sent to the hospital.

There was no immediate information about casualties, but a number of cars had been burned out as fires spread, reported local media.

Two people are reported to have been hit by a van while trying to escape the scene.

Residents ran away from the explosion, which lit up the sky with flames.

Homes have been evacuated around the city. (ANI)