Giriraj says ‘Rahul fond of reading scripts’, Congress slams him

Giriraj says ‘Rahul fond of reading scripts’, Congress slams him
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Giriraj Singh

New Delhi: Bhartiya Janata Party leader, Giriraj Singh, targetted Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, and claimed he did not have knowledge of India’s history or geography and was only fond of reading scripts. However, the Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises was slammed by Congress.

“Like film actors, Rahul is fond of reading written scripts. He does not have knowledge of history and geography of India,” Singh told the reporters, as per Deccan Herald.

The UP state Congress reacted, replying to his claims and said, since no development was visible during the BJP rule, its leaders were making “absurd” statements.

The BJP leader, recently said ‘India is of Bharat Mata not of Khwaja’. The BJP leader is quite famous for making controversial remarks, he had also claimed that a Ram Temple will be constructed in Ayodhya.

“It will be constructed 200 percent. Hindus and Muslims will jointly build it. The ancestors of both are the same though religion has changed,” he said responding to a question.

Criticising Congress, Singh said if the party’s policies had been good, its base would not have reduced.

“If the policies of Congress, which ruled the country for over 60 years, had been good, why would it have got reduced to 20 percent of the area when the BJP has spread in 75 percent of the area,” he said.

Congress spokesman Devendra Pratap Singh, when asked about Singh’s comments on Gandhi, said that the “tall claims” of BJP stand exposed as there was no development occurred anywhere due to which its leaders were making absurd statements.