Give jobs to youth: Etala tells Industries

Give jobs to youth: Etala tells Industries

Finance Minister Etela Rajender today exhorted the industrialists and businessmen to partner in the growth chapter of Telangana State, which was making rapid strides.

Speaking at an International Conference on Composites manufacturing technologies and applications at Taj Deccan Hotel here, the minister greeted Sathish Reddy, advisor of Defence Minister on the successful launch of Agni 5 missile. He said Hyderabad in Telangana has been the place for several noted defense industries like DRDO, DRDL, HAL, BDL, Midhani and others.

Though several industrialists and businessmen were put to confusion and fear during the statehood movement the scene was changed in three and half years in Telangana he claimed. Our news industrial policy giving all permissions in 15 days and resolving power crisis he said. We took steps to ensure adequate power supply to the industries has won their confidence and investments in various sectors came pouring with hassle free policies and conducive atmosphere. During the statehood movement industrialists came on to the roads for power and chief minister created chaos that Telangana formation will lead to power shortage. However, such scenes are totally changed with the initiative and efforts by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. In six monthspower problem was addressed and gave 24 hour power to farm sector and TSiPASS gave confidence to the industrialists and businessmen.

Rajender said that the government allotted 123 acres land allotted for composite industry near Ibrahimpatnam. Now that the government is to address the great challenge of providing employment the businessmen and industrialists should come forward he said. The Government is offering education, training and skills to youth to get them jobs and employment Rajender said. We are giving subsidies to new companies and businesses to set up shops and provide jobs he said adding that if skills are not provided youth will become useless. We need the support of the industrialists for the government to provide jobs and employment to youth in a big way. Our efforts are for developing the state a number one in country.

TSIIC MD, Narsimha Reddy said that 123 acres allotted for the composite manufacturing cluster and provide infrastructure, facilities and support 14 important industries. (NSS)

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