Glenda Jackson rejected Judi Dench’s Bond role

Glenda Jackson rejected Judi Dench’s Bond role

London: Veteran actress Glenda Jackson says she turned down the role actress Judi Dench essayed in the ‘Bond’ franchise.

In an interview to, Jackson was asked whether she envied the likes of Dench and Maggie Smith for their success with the “Bond” and “Harry Potter” franchises.

She replied: “No, I was offered M, or whatever part Judi played in the ‘Bond’ films.”

Jackson also argued that there are too few roles for older women in Hollywood, reports

Responding to suggestions that older actresses are in high demand, Jackson, who has also served as a Member of Parliament in Britain, said: “Oh come on, no they’re not. I’m sorry, they’re not. I mean, why is it that contemporary dramatists don’t find women interesting. That has never since I first set foot on a stage.”


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