Google releases update for Android Oreo

Google releases update for Android Oreo

Washington DC: Tech giant Google on Monday released the final preview build of Android 8.1, a small update to Android Oreo, which is due next month.

However, this will be a big update for the owners of Pixel 2 as it supports the phone’s ‘Visual Core’, an imaging chip Google included but wasn’t ready to activate at the launch of the phone.

According to The Verge, the ‘Visual Core’ is enabled in the final 8.1 preview, and allows camera apps which use the correct API to capture shots using Google’s HDR+ and in doing so, it uses the dedicating imaging chip that will speed things up.

The ‘Visual Core’ is the first processor which Google has designed for a consumer device.

Moreover, as Pixel 2 is already pretty fast, the update will also allow other apps to take advantage; letting third parties get benefits of Google’s clean HDR+ images.

One can download Android 8.1 right away by signing up for Google’s ‘beta programme’, or wait until next month for its official release.


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