Gorakhpur Tragedy: After spending nearly 8 months in jail, Dr Kafeel gets bail

Gorakhpur Tragedy: After spending nearly 8 months in jail, Dr Kafeel gets bail

GORAKHPUR: After spending nearly eight months in jail, Dr Kafeel Ahmed Khan was finally granted by bail Allahabad High Court on Wednesday, 25 April.

Dr. Kafeel was arrested in connection with the death of over 30 infants due to lack of oxygen in BRD hospital in August last year and has been lodged in a Gorakhpur jail since September 2, 2017.

Justice Yashwant Verma granting bail said since the chargesheet has already been filed in the case there was no need of custody, Live Law website reported.

Dr Kafeel Khan had been booked under Sections 120-B, 308 and 409 of the IPC.

Recently, Khan had penned a gut-wrenching letter while in jail, describing what happened at Gorakhpur hospital.

He also claimed that he had been made a ‘scapegoat’ for an administrative failure.

“The moment I got that WhatsApp message on that fateful 10 August 2017 night, I did everything a doctor, a father, a responsible citizen of India would/should do. I tried to save each and every life which was in danger due to sudden stoppage of liquid oxygen. “

“Sometime, I ask myself, “Am I really guilty?” And the answer pops out from the core of my heart – a big NO,” he wrote in the letter.

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“Yogiji was angry because – how this incident came into the media. I swear to my Allah, I did not inform any media person that night. They were already there that night itself.”

Khan claimed, “The guilty are DM Gorakhpur, DGME (director general of medical education), principal secretary health education for not taking any action against 14 reminders sent by Pushpa Sales for its Rs 68 lakh dues. It was a total administrative failure at higher level, they did not realise the gravity and just to save themselves, they made us scapegoat and put us behind the bars…”

Addressing a press conference in Delhi on 21 April, Dr Shabista Khan, the wife of Dr Kafeel Khan alleged:

“My husband’s health is deteriorating every day. He is a heart patient and his blood pressure is running high without medicines. He had a severe chest pain so we pressed the authorities to take him to the hospital for a check-up.”
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