Graveyard at Gowlipura dismantled, local resident usurps wakf land

Graveyard at Gowlipura dismantled, local resident usurps wakf land

Hyderabad: Telangana State Wakf Board initiated a legal action for the restoration of 14 acre and 22 guntas Wakf land allocated for the Muslim graveyard at Gowlipura. The legal team of Wakf Board has been instructed to lodge a complaint in the police along with the relevant documents.

According to the Wakf records, land admeasuring 14 acre and 22 guntas was registered under survey number 242 at Gowlipura as Muslim graveyard.

The strange thing is that there is no entry of this land in the Gazette notifications published in 1989 and 1990. In June 2017, Wakf Board came to know about this land when the then CEO of Board Mr. Asaddullah publish Gazette notification.

It is reported that various cases are pending in the court since 1969. A local resident by name, Raghuveer claimed that this land is his ancestral property. On 8th June 2018, the court pronounced judgment in favour of Raghuveer after which he started cordoning the land. The fact is that the said person has a claim only on four acre and 25 gutas. On the remaining land, the houses of weaker sections have been constructed. They claim that the pattas have been allotted to them.

When Wakf Board got the news of cordoning the land, Mr. Mohammed Saleem, Chairman and Mr. Shahnawaz Qasim, CEO of Wakf Board contacted DCP South Zone and other police officials requesting them to protect Wakf land.

Inspector Auditor of Wakf Board contacted revenue and police officials and got the records including the case filed in 1969.

Raghuveer expressed surprise that Wakf Board woke up when he won the case in the court.

It is reported that illegal occupants dismantled the graves and constructed houses. Mr. Saleem assured that wakf land would be restored soon.

–Siasat News

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