Groundnut purchasing centre at Wanaparthy, CM hailed

Groundnut purchasing centre at Wanaparthy, CM hailed

The State government has issued orders for setting up of a groundnut purchasing centre at Wanaparthy.

Telangana State Planning Board Vice-chairmman S. Niranjan Reddy, conveyed his gratitude to Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and Minister for Irrigation & Marketing T. Harish Rao for giving groundnut purchasing centre for Wanaparthy.

In this connection, Niranjan Reddy said with the various irrigation projects launched by the State government and also with the supply of subsidized sprinklers and drip systems to the farmers wherever required, there has been extensive farming of groundnut crop in Wanaparthy District. He also reminded that Wanaparthy secured first rank in the country last year in groundnut production. This year also, there was excess groundnut production in the district as the lands in Wanaparthy are most suitable for groundnut crop.

Niranjan Reddy also requested that the government and traders should come forward to purchase the groundnut immediately for the benefit of the farmers. He also said for increasing the quality and quantity of groundnut exports, an assaying lab for detection of Aflatoxin in groundnut has been felt necessary. Accordingly, the government has sanctioned Rs 20 lakh for establishment of Assaying Lab in Wanaparthy Market Yard. Niranjan Reddy also said efforts were being made for getting a Groundnut Research Centre sanctioned for Wanaparthy and the issue was under active consideration of the Union government. (NSS)

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