Gujarat Elections: Rahul shining bright among audience

Gujarat Elections: Rahul shining bright among audience

Vadodara: The newly coroneted Congress President Rahul Gandhi is in talks for his highly spirited campaign against the ruling party BJP in the ongoing Assembly elections in Gujarat.

But the moment of truth is he definitely has the audience who are seeking answers to the prevailing current issues unsolved by the government and off course the newly elected president seems to strike the right chord with the audience of Gujarat.

Reacting to the on going campaigns by Congress, Sunit Patel, Patidar in Nandiad said, “Rahul ke paas mudda hai, jaise Shashi Kapoor ke paas maa thei….”

Rahul is being bombarded with various allegations from the opposition party, but the calm leader is all prepared to defeat his hate mongers with love. When asked about his reaction to the allegations Rahul refuses to be provoked but instead responded with: “I won’t utter a word against the PM. I’d defeat my rivals with love…”

If BJP has Modi then so does Congress has Hardik Patel, the powerful young Patidar leader an exceptional orator with perfect skills to draw the right audience especially all castes, classes along with connecting with them which these party leaders fail at.

When a not ardent Congress supporter cab driver was asked about his opinions on the ongoing campaign by Congress and Rahul’s impression, he simply replied saying, “People are listening to him. They feel they were the real Pappus for not having heard him earlier,” adding “Pahle Pappu aata thaa. Iss bar leader aaya hai….”

Though Rahul is not an exceptional orator and does not have skills like PM Modi who could easily influence minds, but he does have questions to people’s sufferings like the unemployment, uneven development, low contractual wages, farm distress, local corruption and rising cost of education, reports HT.

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