Hasin Jahan narrates her meeting with Mohammed Shami

Hasin Jahan narrates her meeting with Mohammed Shami

New Delhi: After Mohammed Shami met with an accident, his wife, Hasin Jahan had decided to meet him. However, after the visit, talking to media persons, Hasin told, “I had come to see Mohammed Shami as he was injured, but he refused to meet me. He threatened me and said ‘I will see you in court now’ “.

Now, in an interview, Hasin said that after coming to know about Shami’s accident, she could not stop herself. Another reason for meeting Shami was his posts for his daughter on social media.

During the interview, she made it clear that “settlement” was not the intention behind her decision to meet Shami.

She once again said that Shami was demanding a divorce for the past two years.

Talking about the meeting with the cricketer, Hasin alleged that Shami installed cameras in the room to record her conversation. She further claimed that Shami trying to gain public sympathy.

It may be mentioned that Shami was injured in a road accident. The incident took place when he was travelling from Dehradun to Delhi. A truck hit Shami’s car from behind. The cricketer hurt his head and sustained some injuries.

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