Here’s what you need to know to grow healthier hair for men

Here’s what you need to know to grow healthier hair for men

You put a lot of energy into being healthy. It’s a top priority for you. But are you giving your hair this same attention? Regardless of its length and density, your hair might not be as healthy as it can be. Healthier hair strands stay thicker, fall out less, and can grow longer (if that’s your aim) than weak ones.

This is more than a shampoo-rinse-repeat strategy: Healthy hair comes from the decisions you make at the dinner table, what you wear while you sweat, the amount of natural oils on your scalp, and the products you put (or don’t put) in your hair. Every day, your habits and choices are affecting the health of your hair, all the way down to the follicle.

To ensure that you grow the strongest, healthiest hair possible, we asked New York City-based dermatologist Janet Prystowsky, M.D., for her expertise on the topic. These tips will help strengthen your hair and, in theory, preserve their place longer. You’ll find that the hair is more controllable while styling, each strand looks thicker and is less prone to falling out, and as an added bonus—you get to live a much healthier life, too.

Four things you have to know:

1. Pay Attention to Your Scalp

2. Wear It Loose While You Sweat

3. Focus on Food, Not Supplements

4. Dial Back on Products That Can Dry Out Your Hair

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