Hyderabad-Ajmer-Hyderabad Express to be extended to Jaipur

Hyderabad-Ajmer-Hyderabad Express to be extended to Jaipur
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Hyderabad: Ministry of Railways has approved the extension of Train No. 12720/12719 Hyderabad-Ajmer-Hyderabad Bi-Weekly Express to Jaipur with effect from April 2 from Hyderabad and April 4 from Jaipur.

Accordingly Train No.12720 Hyderabad – Jaipur Bi-weekly Express will depart Hyderabad at 20:35 hrs (instead of 20.30 hrs) on Mondays, Wednesdays, arrive/depart Secunderabad at 20:55/21:00 hrs (instead of 20:50/20:55 hrs). Arrive/depart Ajmer at 03.05/03.15 hrs, arrive/depart Phulera at 04.40/04.42 hrs and arrive Jaipur at 06.05 hrs o­n Wednesdays and Fridays.

In return direction, Train No.12719 Jaipur – Hyderabad Bi-weekly Express will depart Jaipur at 15:20 hrs on Wednesdays and Fridays, arrive /depart Phulera at 16:02/16:04 hrs, arrive/depart Ajmer at 17.30/17.40 hrs. Arrive/depart Secunderabad at 00.05/00.10 hrs and arrive Hyderabad at 00.30 hrs o­n Fridays and Sundays.

No change in timings between Kamareddi – Bhilwara – Kamareddi stations. (NSS)