Hyderabad: Newborn given HIV infected blood

Hyderabad: Newborn given HIV infected blood

Hyderabad: In an incident of alleged medical negligence, infant got HIV. It is alleged that the child got the virus due to transfusion of blood from a blood bank.

According to the report published in India Today, after infant’s father filed a petition before the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC), the commission issued a notice.

As per the petition, Infant was born with a defect. Surgery was performed on 7th September 2016. Later, the father was informed that the child is in a critical condition due to loss of blood. They also informed that transfusion of blood is needed.

It is also reported that complaint alleges platelets from random donors procured from a blood bank given to the infant. The patient was diagnosed with HIV infection on 7th March 2017. Now, the family is demanding compensation of Rs. 6 crores from the Aarohi Blood Bank and Fernandez Hospital.

Responding to the issue, Fernandez Hospital officials said that yet they did not receive the notice.

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