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Hyderabad teenager designs ‘ElectroShoe’ to thwart rape attempts

Hyderabad teenager designs ‘ElectroShoe’ to thwart rape attempts

Hyderabad: A 17-year-old, youth Siddharth Mandala has designed an ‘ElectroShoe’ for women to keep assaulter at bay. While giving a strong electric shock to the assaulter the shoe will also send out an alert message to the nearby police station and family members.

The teenager has designed the unique show by using only the concepts of physics he learnt in school and a few basic coding skills.

Mandala claims that his product will help a woman thwart rape attempts. The shoe inflicts a 0.1amp “power kick” on the attacker.

Times of India has quoted Mandala as saying “All a woman needs to do is ensure that the battery is sufficiently charged. When the shoe makes contact with an attacker’s body, the attacker will be electrocuted.”

Call for help is automatic. Besides the show will automatically charge itself when the user walks wearing it. The concept which is used for charging thus is called the ‘piezoelectric effect’. The more the user walks, the more energy is stored in the shoe’s rechargeable battery.