Hyderbad to hit the summers in Kolhapuris?

Hyderbad to hit the summers in Kolhapuris?

Hyderabad (Telangana): Seems like kolhapuris are all set to be the trend this summer in Hyderabad. Kolhapuris provide with comfort and style in the scorching heat, to both men and women.

Walking down in this hot weather is not easy and really uncomfortable for a lot of people out there. Sweating is one of the most infuriating things that happens to one in summer and through which their footwear gets slippery but to solve these problems, kolhapuri chappal is like a epiphany which has the capacity to suck the sweat out.

Hence, most of the citizens prefer this kind of frore footwear in the summer season.

A buyer told ANI, “I came here to buy kolhapuri footwear. It is very good to use in this summer. I am using it in summers since 2005. It keeps me very comfortable and especially in this summer it is very useful as we sweat more in summer. This footwear will absorb the sweat and won’t let us to slip when we are in hurry. Even doctors suggest us to use this chappal especially in summer as it keeps us cool”.

Another buyer, Shankar, said that Kolhapuri is the most preferred footwear in summers as it soaks up the sweat easily.

A seller, speaking on the same, told ANI, “I prefer kolhapuri footwear in this summer mostly. Our normal slipper will be slippery because of sweat that we will shed in this season but we won’t have such problem with kolhapuri footwear as they will observe the sweat”

“This season is especially meant for kolhapuri footwear, and kolhapuri footwear are mostly preferable in this hot season. We even have leather model in this. Our shop is here from last 50 years and is famous for this variety of footwear. This footwear are handmade and we bring the stock from patiyala, Jaipur and Punjab. These footwear are basically made with camel and buffalo skin. This footwear absorbs the sweat and won’t let us to slip in this summer which will be caused because of sweat. We have different varieties of kolahapuri’s which are not regular and boring”” said another seller.(ANI)

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