India booming VVIP numbers 579092, china’s 435, and USA 252

India booming VVIP numbers 579092, china’s 435, and USA 252
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India’s VIP numbers are 579092

Despite being over populated than India, China’s VIP numbers are just 435

Other developed countries such as USA, France, Britain and Japan have designated VIP numbers less than 200.


India: In India, whether it is politicians, sports personalities, businessmen or any other celebrity, the VIP culture exists and and is continuously rising.

India has highest number of VIP’s in the world. They enjoy the privileges with the money we the common citizens pay as tax.

Some say that number of VIP’s in India is increasingly high because of its huge population of 1.3 billion. This is just an excuse to cover up the issue. China’s population is more than India, yet they have lesser number of designated VIPs.


The number of VIP’s increasing also results in mounting bills on security Flight Bills, Foriegn Travel & Vacation, Conveyance, Free Electricity, Free Water, Subsidized High Quality food in Canteens & other perks.

According to an article published in Daily Mail, over the years, their numbers have grown so large, that new categories of VVIPs have been instituted to differentiate amongst them.

In a race for privilege, elected officials, senior bureaucrats, high ranking police and military officers all wave flags and flash red lights.

The status symbol of these VIP’s is reflected in roads getting blocked to get priority passage, escort with armed guards, red beacon vehicles and many other privileges.

The Political class get various kinds of perks just because they are categorized as VIP’s.

An average of 3 Policemen give security cover to every MP and MLA. The cost for this comes from tax payer’s money. On the contrary, the police protection for ordinary citizens falls at a ratio of 700:1.