India takes a step forward to improve ties with Palestine

India takes a step forward to improve ties with Palestine

New Delhi: Although India has no plans in recognizing East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital unlike other global nations it is, however, planning to strengthen its ties with Palestine with its policy in accordance with the 11 pacts signed by PM Modi and former President Pranab Mukherjee during their visit to Palestine says a top government official.

“Diplomacy is not a zero-sum game. Both Palestine and Israel are important relations for India. Each stands on its own”, a government official said.

India has consistently supported the Palestine cause along with increasing the aid thrice the times it was previously decided on.

PM Modi was the first Indian PM to visit Palestine in February which was followed by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu stay in India for six days.

In respect to the declaration of East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital, the government had given a written reply to Rajya Sabha that it has no plans in doing so.

Last year in December a 57 member Organisation of Islamic Cooperation had declared East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital and also urged the international community to the same.

US’s sudden move declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital had reportedly caused controversy with many other Islamic nations revolting against the move.

India had then voted against making Jerusalem’s as the capital of Israel at the United Nations.
The Indian Government had replied then that the status of making Jerusalem capital of either if the countries should be discussed between Israel and Palestine.

Responding to United Nations Relief and Works Agency call for Palestine Refugees, India has increased its annual contribution from $1.25 million to $5 million from 2018-19 for the next three years, this, an official said, was based on external affairs minister’s commitment towards enhancing India’s support to Palestine cause.

While the Modi government is also consciously making efforts on improving its ties with the country’s key Defence and security partner Israel without severing its support for Palestine, HT reports.

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