Israel fears democracy in Arab world

Israel fears democracy in Arab world
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Tel Aviv: Establishment of democracy in the Arab world is a threat to the Israel, believes an Ex-Knesset member politician, Yossi Beilin. He says that, with the establishment of democracy in the Arab world, it would strengthen the position of anti-Israel public opinion.

Mr. Beilin further says that he wanted Arabs to be as tyrants because it benefits his country. He said that Arabs support Palestinian cause without any action against Jewish state.

“Many if the Arab leaders are very concerned about the Iranian intervention in the regional affairs,” adding that “they [Arab leaders] are not paying attention to the Palestinian issue.”

The Israeli politician said that “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not our main issue with the neighbouring countries,” stressing “the conflict resolution won’t change the situation with our neighbours.”

For long, the Palestinian authority has been pushing for negotiations for a resolution with Israel which should be based on two-state solution and the halt of the illegal Israeli settlements.

Meanwhile, a US Official had said that President Donald Trump is likely to officially recognize Jerusalem as the new capital of Israel and probability of shifting embassy from Tel Aviv to the new capital. Many western countries and Arab countries had urged not to shift embassy.

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