ISRO-NASA confirm lethal layer of pollutants over Asia

ISRO-NASA confirm lethal layer of pollutants over Asia
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Bengaluru: In a joint study conducted by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US, found the presence of an aerosol layer over the Asia region.

They have also found the presence of nitrate, which is a new finding.
Measurements by the joint team of ISRO-NASA have “confirmed the presence of aerosol layer seen in satellite measurements over the Asian region and it also shows a sharp increase of aerosol concentration near 16.5-18.5 km (from Earth’s surface),” reports Times of India.

“This layer contains particles of size less than 0.25 micron and are 90 percent volatile. It appears the aerosol is formed from forerunning pollutant gases which are transported via convection from the ground,” ISRO has said.

Aerosol is the sub-micron sized particles suspended in air and produced from a variety of man-made and natural processes such as vehicle exhaust, waste-burning, windblown dust, volcanic eruptions.

However, a detailed analysis is yet to be carried out with all the data collected during the campaign. Aerosols, Radiation, and Trace Gases Group (ARTG) of National Atmospheric Research Laboratory, ISRO, and a team from NASA have been studying air quality around India as part of this campaign.

Another additional campaign during the winter months is planned which will be helpful in obtaining background conditions.