Jailed Pak national to return home on Dec 26

Jailed Pak national to return home on Dec 26

Bhopal: A Pakistani national Mohammed Imran Qureshi Warsi, jailed here for the last 10 years on charges of forgery and spying, will return home on December 26 after the completion of his term.

A resident of Karachi (Pakistan), Warsi came to India in 2004 to meet his relatives who stay in Kolkata where he fell in love with a girl and got married to her.

The Pakistani national stayed on in India for four years despite the expiry of his visa and got a ration card and a PAN card made during this period which led to his imprisonment for 10 years. In fact, he travelled to Bhopal to get a passport made following which he was arrested.

“My term expired in January this year, following which the police took care of me until now because I had no money of my own. I now get to go home after 14 years, and I couldn’t be happier to see my mother, father and siblings who all reside in Karachi,” he said on Saturday.

“Police treated me very well, just like a family. I found loving people here the same way there are loving people in Pakistan. I believe good people find good people everywhere,” Warsi underscored.

Warsi has two children from his marriage and plans on taking help from the Indian government in taking them to Karachi. “I will be taking the legal course in getting them to Karachi,” Warsi stated.

He is set to return home on December 26 by crossing through the Attari-Wagah border.

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