Kabul: 15 Afghan Army trainees killed in suicide attack

Kabul: 15 Afghan Army trainees killed in suicide attack
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Kabul: Fifteen Afghan Army cadets killed in a suicide bomb attack on Saturday as they were leaving their base in Kabul, the defence ministry said. The death toll this week has now reached to 250 due to attacks in Afghanistan.

“This afternoon when a minibus carrying army cadets was coming out of the military academy, a suicide bomber on foot targeted them, martyring 15 and wounding four,” defence ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri told AFP.

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The war-torn country witnessed a second suicide bomb attack within 24 hours becoming one of seven deadly incidents since Tuesday.

NATO’s ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Resolute Support mission tweeted that it was an attack on ‘future of Afghanistan and its security forces’.

Scores of Afghans got killed on Friday after two separate attacks on mosques. Fifty-six people died and 55 got injured as a suicide bomber blew himself in a Shia mosque in Kabul.

Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani called the attacks “crime against humanity and contrary to Islamic values”.