Kanhaiya Kumar on ‘Gujarat model ki baat’

Kanhaiya Kumar on ‘Gujarat model ki baat’

Gujarat model should be taken as an example on which the development should be done in India, is what our government say.

On one hand, Hardik Patel’s CD was used as a prop, on the other Uttar Pradesh CM Adityanath, who should be interested in his state, is campaigning for BJP in Gujarat.

When BJP government was established in the state in 1996, it had a debt of Rs 6000 crore, which is now estimated to be Rs 206,000 crore in 2017.

Families below poverty line in Gujarat were 26 lakhs in 2000, however now reached at 41 lakh, so how could Gujarat be taken as a model for India’s development?

As far as agriculture and farmers in the state are concerned, 43% farmers are in debt with an average debt of 1.53 lakh.

Apart from such reports, Gujarat stood third in custodial deaths and was on top in the number of RTI activists’ murders.

In 2015 alone, 12 RTI activists were murdered in the state. During 2005-2012, 51 deaths occurred in police custody.

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