Kerala: Father kills bride-to-be-daughter hours before the wedding

Kerala: Father kills bride-to-be-daughter hours before the wedding
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MALAPPURAM: Father of a 22-year-old bride ended up killing her on Thursday over an argument between the two just hours before her wedding in Kerala.

The woman was in love with an army who belonged to a different caste and wanted to marry him which her father did not agree to but reluctantly gave in his consent for the marriage that was to be held today.

A day before the marriage, an argument broke between the father and bride to be daughter which led him to stab her multiple times. The Police has arrested the father and is questioning him.

A similar incident occurred in Arikkod where a father reportedly killed his 21-year-old bride to be the daughter who was marrying her lover, a Dalit army man.

According to the Police the bride to be Athira’s father Rajan(42) was not happy with her marriage but gave his consent for her marriage.

Following a heated argument between the duo the father attacked her with a sharp weapon.
Though Athira was rushed to a nearby hospital she could not be saved.

The father is now in Police custody, NDTV reported.