Kerala Hindu woman says “I was tortured for marrying a Christian”, exposes “Yoga Center”

Kerala Hindu woman says “I was tortured for marrying a Christian”, exposes “Yoga Center”
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Thiruvananthapuram: A 28-year-old Kerala Hindu woman has filed a police complaint alleging that she was tortured, held captive, harassed and assaulted for 22 days at “Yoga Center” for marrying a Christian man, News18 reports.

According to the news published in The News Minute, she said that she was harassed until she promised to do whatever they wish.

She also said that at the center which is located in Ernakulam, the staff was paid by her family to force her to leave her husband because he is a Christian.

It is also reported that she claimed yoga centre is actually an anti-conversion clinic for women who married outside their faith. Staff counselled her and asked her to either leave her husband or convince him to convert to Hinduism.

She also claimed that many other people are locked up in the “Yoga Center”. Athira who recently converted back to Hinduism was one of the women who was locked in the center.

It may be mentioned that the 28-year-old woman who is a native of Kannur District and Ayurveda Doctor by profession was in a relationship with a Christian man. However, the family members of the woman objected to their relationship as the man is a Christian.

Vexed up with the attitude of family members, the woman left home and got married to Christian man. Man’s parents accepted their relationship and were living happily.

Meanwhile, woman’s parent started talking to the couple. When the woman visited sister’s house in Moovattupuzha, her parents asked took her to “Yoga Center” under the pretext that her sister is going to join yoga classes.

Once inside, counsellor started counselling her and tried to convince her to leave her husband. She alleged that he also started threatening her. Counsellor asked her to either abandon her husband or convince him to convert to Hinduism. When she tried to run, all the doors of the center were shut.

Her parents left her there for a 3-day counselling course. However, later, the staff at center convinced her parents that she needs more counselling.

Talking about the center, she said that Siva Sakthi Yoga Centre is a house in Kandanadu and consists of 59 women and 6 men. They all are either converted to other religions or married outside their religion.

“In the center I met Athira, the girl who was recently converted back to Hinduism from Islam”, she claimed.

She also alleged that the staff members used to torture, assault her whenever she asked questions about religion.

Meanwhile, her husband tried to contact her but could not as her phone was switched off. Her parents also did not give details.

Finally, on 21st August, she was allowed to go when she promised to do as they want. She also promised that she would convince her husband to accept Hinduism.

After the escape, she filed a complaint with the Udayamperoor police. Police booked a case under various sections of IPC and investigations are going on.