Kishan asks TRS to correct itself instead of criticizing Union Budge

Kishan asks TRS to correct itself instead of criticizing Union Budge
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Lashing out at the TRS government, BJLP leader G Kishan Reddy has advised it to correct its working style before criticizing the Union budget. Clarifying that the Centre had sanctioned two lakh houses for the poor, he demanded that the State government explain how many houses it built so far.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday, Kishan Reddy said agriculture has become a ‘waste’ profession after TRS came to power. He asked the State government to reveal how much cultivable area was decreased in the State. He also alleged that the State government has no clarity on the area under redgram cultivation in the state.
Faulting the State government for demanding that the Centre purchase all the agriculture produce in the State, Kishan Reddy asked the State what it will do if everything was done by the Centre. He pointed out that the farm loan waiver was not yet completed even four years after the formation of the Telangana State. He alleged that the State government was in deep slumber with regard filling vacant jobs with unemployed youth.
The BJLP leader also accused the State government of diverting the Central funds for students’ scholarships. He slammed the State government for not clearing PRC arrears for the last four years. (NSS)